V2O5 Import And Export Analysis In July 2021

www.ferroalloynet.com:  According to Customs, China exported 189.005 tons vanadium pentoxide in July, with a decrease of 13.5% compared with that quantity of 218.5 tons in June 2021 and declined by 56.39% year on year. The export for vanadium pentoxide kept shrinking since 2019 for the high profit in domestic market.

V2O5 Export in June (Ton) V2O5 Export in July (Ton)
2020 175.86 433.401
2021 218.5 189.005

In 2017 China exported 8556.65 tons while it kept falling every year since 2017.In 2020 China exported 4524.282 tons, down by 4032.368 tons from the peak in2017. However, the import for vanadium pentoxide rose dramatically by 532.26% in 2020 from 1459.973 tons in 2019 to 9230.842 tons. The key reason for these vast changes are the COVID-19 which makes the international demands shrink while domestic market became active.

  V2O5 Export (Ton) V2O5 Import (Ton)
2017 8556.65 66.891
2018 6938.36 75.878
2019 4787.083 1459.973
2020 4524.282 9230.842
Jan-July 2021 2084.88 1782.601

In July, China imported 80.003 tons vanadium pentoxide, down by 88.17% compared with that 676.001 tons in July 2020, while stayed stable with that last month. Right now the European market price remains to be higher than domestic market price. Besides, with the impact of the transportation congestion for the COVID-19, the willingness of domestic enterprises to import is low. Under this condition, the import andexport market for vanadium pentoxide may not be as active as before.

Import in June( Ton) Import in July( Ton)
2020 779.003 676.001
2021 80.003 80.003