Windimurra Vanadium Project

The Windimurra Vanadium Project is one of Australia’s most significant vanadium mining and processing operations. Located in the Mid West region of Western Australia, Windimurra has a rich history and substantial reserves of vanadium, positioning it as a key player in the global vanadium market.

Key Features and Operations

  1. Location and Geology: The Windimurra Vanadium Project is situated approximately 600 kilometers north of Perth and 80 kilometers southeast of Mount Magnet in Western Australia. The geological setting is characterized by a layered mafic intrusion, which hosts vanadium-bearing titanomagnetite deposits.
  2. Vanadium Production: Windimurra focuses on the extraction and processing of vanadium ore to produce vanadium pentoxide (V2O5). This high-purity vanadium product is used in various industrial applications, including steel manufacturing, chemical production, and increasingly in energy storage solutions.
  3. Mining and Processing:
    • Open-Pit Mining: The project employs open-pit mining techniques to extract vanadium ore from the titanomagnetite deposits.
    • Processing Plant: The ore is processed at an on-site plant that includes crushing, milling, magnetic separation, roasting, and leaching processes to produce high-quality vanadium pentoxide.

Economic Impact

  1. Contribution to the Local Economy: The Windimurra Vanadium Project plays a significant role in the local economy by providing employment opportunities and supporting local businesses through the procurement of goods and services.
  2. Exports and Revenue: The vanadium produced at Windimurra is primarily exported to international markets, contributing to Australia’s export revenue. The project’s production capacity is vital for meeting global demand for vanadium, particularly in steel production and emerging energy storage technologies.

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