Stryten Energy Vanadium Redox Flow Battery On Path To Commercialization

Stryten Energy, a US-based battery technology company, recently installed a pilot-sized version of its vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) at a facility operated by Snapping Shoals EMC, an electricity cooperative in Georgia, United States.
The battery is a 20 kW/120 kWh VRFB with a recharge time of 7.5 hours and connected to the grid at 480V. It is made of several modules with built-in safety features, each operating independently at 6.67 kW/40 kWh per cycle.
“We specifically designed and sized this system for an initial evaluation phase with Snapping Shoals where we will conduct long-duration testing that is six hours or more,” Scott Childers, Vice President, Essential Power, Stryten Energy, told pv magazine.

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