Summary Analysis On Vanadium Operating Rate And Output In August 2023

www, In August, most of the upstream and downstream vanadium series were in a state of reduced production. The operating rate of ammonium metavanadate manufacturers was stable, the output increased slightly, and the output of some manufacturers returned to normal levels. The decrease in V2O5 flake production is mainly due to the suspension of production by manufacturers in Henan and Shaanxi. The chemical market continues to be sluggish, orders have decreased, and manufacturers are producing on demand, resulting in a slight decrease in V2O5 powder output. The demand for ferrovanadium is more stable than that of vanadium-nitrogen alloy, and manufacturers are more motivated to produce. In August, the operating rate increased slightly and output increased. The demand for vanadium-nitrogen alloy is still weak, and manufacturers are not very enthusiastic about production. Although the operating rate has increased, most manufacturers are in a state of production reduction, and the output has decreased month-on-month.

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