The Average Daily Output Of Slabs In Pangang Vanadium Extraction Vanadium Steelmaking Plant Exceeded 10,000 Tons

On July 19, workers at the No. 1 ladle pouring position in the slab continuous casting operation area of Pangang Vanadium Steelmaking Plant were pouring steel. Since June, the plant has introduced a number of measures to organize production with a daily output of 10,000 tons of slabs to ensure maximum slab production.
From July 1 to 17, the average daily output of slabs in the plant reached 10,014 tons, the highest level in history. Among them, the No. 2 slab continuous casting machine put into operation in January this year has an average daily output of 5,372 tons, achieving a high level of production, marking that the plant’s slab production line has a monthly output of 300,000 tons and an annual output of 3.6 million tons.

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