Shanghai Electric Energy Storage Discusses The Cooperation Of All-vanadium Liquid Flow Energy Storage With Japan’s Prime Star Company

On July 14, KAIHATSU/TETSU, Chairman of Prime Star Corporation of Japan, and his delegation visited Shanghai Electric Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Electrical Energy Storage”) for investigation, accompanied by Yang Linlin, Vice Chairman and General Manager of Electric Energy Storage. The KAIHATSU/TETSU delegation successively visited the exhibition hall of the Central Research Institute of Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd. and the Hefei production base of electrical energy storage. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on the core technology design of the vanadium liquid flow energy storage system and the future cooperation path between the two parties.
At the technical exchange meeting, Yang Linlin introduced that Shanghai Electric Group is a world-class comprehensive high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise group. Electric energy storage is a technology-based energy storage platform company established by Shanghai Electric Holdings. It is well-known for providing customers with safe, economical and environmentally friendly energy storage equipment and full life cycle solutions. In recent years, while adhering to the leadership of Shanghai Electric Group’s “4+2+X” new track strategic layout, electrical energy storage has actively carried out overseas market layout, and completed the 100KW/380KWh optical storage project in Yamanashi, Japan, and the 125kW/The 250k wind storage project and many other energy storage projects have a deep “energy storage friendship” with Japanese customers.
KAIHATSU/TETSU expressed appreciation for the breadth and depth of Shanghai Electric Group’s energy segment, and affirmed the technological achievements of electric energy storage in the field of all-vanadium liquid flow. He also introduced that Japan’s Prime Star was established in 2003 and is an important partner of electrical energy storage in the field of overseas energy storage. Its headquarter is located in Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan. It is mainly engaged in the investment and construction of LED, new energy and energy storage projects, products are widely used in electric power, industrial and commercial and civil and other fields. It has abundant power grid cooperation resources, and its main customers include Tokyo Electric Power Co., Ltd. Hope to cooperate closely with electric energy storage in the field of vanadium liquid flow energy storage system in the future, strengthen technical exchanges, deepen the industrial cooperation model, and improve the internationalization of the industries of both parties.
ISAKA/HISASHI, the technical director of Prime Star, the person in charge of electrical energy storage technology, the person in charge of overseas markets and other relevant personnel participated in the technical exchange meeting and accompanied the investigation.