V2O5 Flake Rebounded Slightly, And The Quotation Of Vanadium Nitrogen Alloy Was Firm

www.ferroalloynet.com: Domestic vanadium prices are mixed today, with ferrovanadium falling and vanadium nitrogen rising. Summarizing last week’s vanadium alloy bidding situation, the ferrovanadium market was under pressure and fell, and the lowest bidding price fell below 110,000 CNY/Ton (by acceptance with tax); while the performance of vanadium-nitrogen alloys was stable and relatively strong, it was not easy for steel mills to purchase at low prices, and mainstream bidding prices was 156,000-159,000 CNY/Ton (by acceptance with tax). With the active transaction performance of vanadium-nitrogen alloy last Friday, the V2O5 flake market has rebounded slightly, and low-priced resources have decreased, the transaction is close to 103,000-103,500 CNY/Ton in cash. Today, the quotation of retail V2O5 flake is not lower than 104,000 CNY/Ton in cash, while the intended purchase price of downstream alloy factories does not exceed 103,000 CNY/Ton, and they will wait and see the pricing of mainstream V2O5 flake. Today, the overall quotation of the alloy factory is relatively strong. The quotation of ferrovanadium is 114,000-115,000 CNY/Ton in cash, and the quotation of vanadium-nitrogen alloy is 157,000-158,000 CNY/Ton in cash, short term retail transactions are not easy, and steel mill’s bidding is the main focus.