Sichuan To Implement New Round Of Mineral Exploration Breakthrough Strategic Action

Sichuan will launch a new round of strategic action to make breakthroughs in mineral exploration, focusing on the province’s advantageous mineral resources that are scarce in China, officials of Sichuan Provincial Natural Resources Department said at the first press conference of 2023 of the Department on May 18. In the new round of prospecting breakthrough strategic action, Sichuan will focus on 28 kinds of important minerals such as lithium, vanadium, titanium, rare earth and so on. By vigorously implementing the basic geological survey, mineral resources exploration, mineral resources conservation and comprehensive utilization, scientific and technological innovation of geological prospecting and other projects, Sichuan plans to achieve significant improvement in the level of important mineral exploration in the province by 2025, with identified resources of advantageous minerals such as lithium and phosphorus increasing by 10%-20%, and identified resources of scarce minerals such as gold and nickel increasing by 5%-10%.

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