Vanadium-nitrogen Alloy Profit Statistics From 8 To 12 May 2023

At the beginning of the week, after the large V2O5 flake plants set prices, retail quotations rose, and the quotations of vanadium and nitrogen subsequently returned to 154,000-155,000 CNY/Ton in cash; however, the rebar prices were weak, and steel mills cut prices down strongly, the upward trend of vanadium and nitrogen was weak, and the transaction was still 152,000 -155,000 CNY/Ton (by acceptance). It is still difficult to inquire vanadium raw materials at low prices. At present, the quotations of most vanadium-nitrogen alloy from manufacturers remain firm, and the purchase transactions of traders are still around 152,000-153,000 CNY/Ton in cash.

Date VN Price Change VN Cost VN Profit Unit
8-May 152,500 155,600 -3,100 CNY/Ton
9-May 152,500 155,600 -3,100 CNY/Ton
10-May 152,500 155,600 -3,100 CNY/Ton
11-May 152,500 155,600 -3,100 CNY/Ton
12-May 152,000 ↓500 155,600 -3,600 CNY/Ton

Recently, the phenomenon of bottom-hunting and pressing goods in the downstream has increased, coupled with the smooth signing of orders by large factories after pricing at the beginning of the week. The transaction of retail V2O5 flake remained firm at around 102,000-103,000 CNY/Ton in cash, and most of the holders suspend making offer, so spot goods were hard to find. However, the bidding of vanadium-nitrogen alloy is still weak, and the purchase of retail goods and production is still upside down. (The data in this article are only theoretical values. For the actual situation, please focus on real transactions. The reference price of V2O5 flake is mainly in the retail market, and the V2O5 flake price of major manufacturers is not included in the calculation).