European Ferrovanadium Prices Continue To Fall

Yesterday (April 26) European ferrovanadium prices continued to fall to 32.9 (down 0.6)-34.51 (down 1.5) USD/Kg V, equivalent to the price of ferrovanadium50 about 113,900-119,500 CNY/Ton; European vanadium pentoxide was 9.5-10.01 USD/Lb, equivalent to vanadium pentoxide98% about 142,200-149,800 CNY/Ton; U.S. ferrovanadium was 18-19 USD/Lb V, equivalent to the price of ferrovanadium50 about 137,400-145,100 CNY/Ton.

Demand in the European market is sluggish, while Russia provides some discounts for vanadium products, and the domestic vanadium price accelerates downward, bringing certain impact and pressure on the international market. At present, the international vanadium price is significantly higher than that in the domestic market, and the export inquiries of vanadium pentoxide have increased slightly, but the actual transactions are limited.