Enernet Global Completes Rapid Delivery Of 4MW Start-up Power Generation For Off-grid Smelting Facility In South Africa And Is On Track To Deliver Full Hybrid Solar And Battery Storage System To Reduce Emissions

Enernet Global (“Enernet”) remains on-track to deliver a full-hybrid system for the Ironveld Smelting (“Ironveld”) Rustenburg smelter complex in South Africa, having already provided start-up generation required.
Following the successful implementation of a 1MW temporary power plant commissioned in late 2022, Enernet has deployed the first of four stages of power upgrades for the Ironveld. The first stage involves a 4MW power plant that enabled ‘Hot Commissioning’ of the first of three planned operating furnaces. This process included smelting of test quantities of magnetite ore in order to produce HPI and titanium slag. Working in a close partnership with Ironveld and their sub-contractors, Enernet managed the rapid delivery of the first stage power with no safety or environmental incidents. Despite the inherent challenges of labour and equipment shortages due to countrywide stage four load shedding, the project was completed in less than 10 days.
Delivering the fast-tracked power involved road freight conveys from Johannesburg, a 90-tonne crane and a site crew of up to 20 working around the clock to deliver the much needed power in a record time. Enernet’s Vice President Engineering, Dusan Nikolic led the onsite pre-delivery electrical safety tests and inspections. “The delivery of stage one power was a combined effort between Ironveld and Enernet, the quality and speed at which the work was completed is a testament to how well the two companies worked together as a team.”
Enernet are now progressing multiple work packages in preparation for the future stages of power upgrades which will boost the on-site power capacity for the operation of three of the furnaces). These upgrades will enable the smelter complex to process approximately 40,000 tonnes of Ironveld’s magnetite ore per annum which, in turn, will provide 20,000 tonnes of high purity iron, 190 tonnes of vanadium in slag; and 3,800 tonnes of titanium in slag.
Ironveld Smelting’s CEO, Thamaga Mphahlele, commented “Our partnership with Enernet is working extremely well and is provides us with the confidence we need execute our expansion plans over the coming months.”
Imminently, work will begin on the design and construction of both rooftop and ground mounted solar power systems with a combined capacity of 6MW, for which Enernet’s power engineers are working with South African-based contractors.
he final stage of power implementation will comprise a hybrid of energy technologies including solar power, a battery energy storage and clean burn, liquefied natural gas generators.
The solar system, battery storage and LNG generators will be fully-funded by Enernet and once operational, power will be purchased by Ironveld under a 20-year energy services agreement. “The team at Ironveld have a ‘can do’ mindset which aligns with our business culture and has been key to completing the project milestones safely and on time,” Enernet’s Business Development Manager, Martin Smith concluded.