AM Stats: Chinese Ferrovanadium Producers’ Operating Rate Down by 14.4% YOY in Apr

BEIJING (Asian Metal) 20 May 19 – According to statistics from Asian Metal Database, Chinese ferrovanadium producers’ operating rate reached 27.83% in April 2019, down by about 0.5% compared with 27.96% in March 2019 and down by about 14.4% compared with 32.53% in April 2018.

According to the following graph, the operating rate of ferrovanadium producers in Hubei, Sichuan, Taiwan, Liaoning and Hebei was 10.9%, 50.7%, 19.67%, 26.2% and 12.41% respectively. In particular, the figure in Hubei suffered a decline MOM while the figures in Liaoning and Hebei saw increases MOM, but the figures in Sichuan and Taiwan remained unchanged MOM.