Vanadium Prices Continue to be Ceak in The International Market According to data released yesterday, European ferrovanadium price was stable, keeping at USD 36.4-38.75/kg vanadium, and the price of 50# ferrovanadium was about CNY 124,200-132,200/t. The European market price for vanadium pentoxide was about USD 7.9-9.0/lb vanadium pentoxide, temporarily stable. The price of 98% vanadium pentoxide was about CNY 116,400-132,600/t, down about CNY 9,000/t compared with last Wednesday. The market price of American ferrovanadium was USD 22-23(↓1)/lb, also fell.

The recent downward trend of domestic market is obviously affected by the decline of external price. At present, although the price difference between domestic and international vanadium prices has narrowed, it is still difficult to export. It is expected that the current price has not reached the bottom, and it is hard to turn back in the short term due to the continually weak market.