NEWSBREAK: US Raises Tariffs on Chinese Minor Metals, Ferro-Alloys to 25%

US tariffs on a number of Chinese minor metals and ferro-alloys have been increased to 25%, affecting shipments of material from China from today, Friday May 10.

Minor metals and ferro-alloys affected by the latest tariffs include: bismuth, cadmium, gallium, germanium, germanium dioxide, selenium, tellurium, silicon, magnesium, mercury, arsenic, rhenium, hafnium, ferro-tungsten, ferro-vanadium, ferro-silicon, ferro-manganese, vanadium pentoxide, titanium, cobalt sulfate, cobalt metal and cobalt tetroxide.

Tariffs of 10% were originally introduced in September last year, with an increase to 25% due in January, unless the United States and China reached a deal. The increase was delayed earlier this year amid continuing negotiations between the two countries.

Activity in the minor metals markets has slowed since late last year, pending clarity from the US President Donald Trump’s administration as to whether the tariffs would be increased to 25%.

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