The Offer of Retailing Vanadium-Nitrogen Alloy Goes Down Due to The Insufficient Actual Transactions Since Shaoguan iron and steel bidding, large and medium-sized steel bidding has not started up in a large scale, the wait and see sentiment is still strong, the trading of vanadium-nitrogen alloy has poor situation. Under this situation, the offer of some small factories and traders shows a downward trend, vanadium and nitrogen alloy quotation is as low as CNY 243,000/t with tax, and the cash price is CNY 245,000/t in Hebei, while external quotation of some big factories insist on CNY 250,000/t, the actual transaction is also lower than the offer price.

As for the weak market conditions and a small number of low-quoted goods, the large vanadium enterprises said that only a small amount of retailing goods disturbed the market, and they still have confidence in the afternoon market, expecting the steel bidding to drive the trading.