Domestic vanadium prices are still volatile

Date: Mar 26, 2019 At present, domestic vanadium product price is still in a state of fluctuation and instability. The offer of large ammonium vanadate factory is CNY 190,000-195,000/t by cash with tax, while the price of small factory is CNY 180,000-190,000/t, and if without tax, the price is CNY 150,000-160,000/t. Vanadium pentoxide offer: CNY 190,000-200,000/t including tax, CNY 165,000-170,000/t without tax. The price of vanadium raw materials have shown a slow decline trend, the offer of terminal vanadium alloy is tangled, and there are not many transactions. Ferrovanadium acceptance price is CNY 210,000-220,000/t , while that of vanadium nitrogen alloy is CNY 320,000-330,000/t. Currently, the main dilemma of vanadium product consumption is that the terminal steel consumption is insufficient, the demand for vanadium alloy in steel mills is weak, and vanadium raw materials are abundant, so the supply exceeds the demand, and vanadium price declines.

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