Vanadium Weekly Market Overview During 18-22 March, 2019

Date: Mar 25, 2019 This week, the domestic vanadium market is not stable, the overall volume of transactions is not any, and some raw material factories sell goods at low prices. Few steel mills purchase goods and the purchase price is also close to the cost price of downstream alloy plants. Short – term oversupply, let the market activity greatly reduced, some vanadium enterprises have no confidence in the future market. The offer is lower and lower by factories, steel mills take this opportunity to press the price. But because the terminal demand has not been released, there are few transactions. Next week, the end of the month, steel demand for vanadium alloy is bound to gradually increase, vanadium product prices may stop falling to maintain stability.

Vanadium Bidding Price from Steels in March

Company Products Price(CNY/T) Remarks 
LaigangVN16359800Acceptance With Tax
Sanming SteelVN16348000Acceptance With Tax
ShagangFeV215000Cash With Tax
Yangchun SteelVN16333700Acceptance With Tax
One Steel in Northeast ChinaFeV50222000Acceptance With Tax
FeV80355200Acceptance With Tax
Shaanxi SteelVN16320000Acceptance With Tax
ShagangVN16320000Acceptance With Tax
Najing SteelFeV217500Acceptance With Tax

China vanadium market overviewAmmonium metavanadateThis week, the price of ammonium metavanadate declines synchronously with the decline of the terminal vanadium alloy price. The price including tax has reduced to CNY 200,000-210,000/t, and the price excluding tax has reduced to CNY 160,000-170,000/t. Due to the stock pressure, some factories sell goods at a low price of CNY 190,000/t. Large plants have completed the orders this week, and there is no latest transaction price.

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