Three-in-One Battery Pack Debuts in EV Space

Date: Jan 14, 2019

Whether for running a wearable device or powering an electric vehicle, battery life is the bugaboo that keeps system designers (and consumers) awake at night.

Compared to all comparable advancements in the electronics industry, innovations in battery technology are painfully slow.

In the smartphone business, design engineers spend a lot of time and resources trying to improve battery management systems (BMS). In the battery business, researchers are constantly fussing and tweaking even for tiny improvements.

But curiously, nobody has thought about integrating BMS, charger and inverter directly into a battery pack — until CEA-Leti, a Grenoble, France-based research organization. At the Consumer Electronics show last week, CEA-Leti demonstrated its new three-in-one battery pack.

Awarded with 15 patents, CEA-Leti’s novel battery technology called Sigma Cells solves a fundamental problem of today’s batteries, according to Philippe Despesse, head of IoT and energy for CEA-Leti’s sytems division. Today, if one cell in a battery pack stops working, the whole battery pack fails, he explained.

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