Vanadium price forecasts for next week (December 24-29, 2018)

Date: Dec 21, 2018

www.ferroalloynet.comVanadium market transaction is thin and most companies continue to hold wait-and-watch attitude. Vanadium pentoxide flake is trading at 210000-220000 rmb/ton by cash and there are only few transactions. Some deals of ammonium metavanadate are made at low price in Chongyang and the mainstream prices are 180000-190000 rmb/ton by cash with tax. Vanadium-nitrogen is trading at 320000-330000 rmb/ton. Some factories quote 370000 rmb/ton to underpin the vanadium market but few buyers are interested. However, ferrovanadium and vanadium-nitrogen bidding pricesare lower than market mainstream prices. The inquiries from steel mills are increased in number. FerroAlloyNet predicts that vanadium prices may fluctuate slightly and gradually stabilize.

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