Vanadium price forecasts for December

Date: Dec 3, 2018 In November, the prices of vanadium products have been decreased at different extent. The offers of three major manufacturers of V2O5 flake had been firm at 500000 rmb/ton with tax by acceptance, while the market mainstream offers sat in a range of 470000-480000 rmb/ton with tax by cash, which were not appealing to buyers. Ammonium metavanadate prices were decreased sharply from 460000 rmb/ton to 360000 rmb/ton with tax. Now the offers without tax sit in a range of 280000-300000 rmb/ton. With weak spot demand from steel mills, ferrovanadium and vanadium-nitrogen prices also followed the donwtrend. Now, vanadium-nitrogen offers sit in a range of 620000-650000 rmb/ton and the bidding prices stand in a range of 630000-660000 rmb/ton. Ferrovanadium is trading in a range of 380000-400000 rmb/ton.

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