Vanadium price forecasts for next week (November 26-30, 2018)

Date: Nov 23, 2018 As the consumer demand from downstream is reduced, there are few inquiries and the transaction has been thin in vanadium market. Ammonium metavanadate manufacturers and traders have small tonnages of spot goods and many sellers start to undersell, hence the prices keep dipping and the offers stand in a range of 300000-330000 rmb/ton without tax. The quotations of V2O5 flake, underpinned by major three large-scale manufacturers, stabilize at 500000 rmb/ton by acceptance with tax. Ferrovanadium and vanadium-nitrogen prices also go down. BX Steel bids ferrovanadium at 420000 rmb/ton by acceptance with tax this week. The manufacturers quote vanadium-nitrogen at 700000-730000 rmb/ton, but there are several transactions made below 700000 rmb/ton.

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