RedT turns on 1MWh flow-lithium hybrid battery, plans UK replica

Date: Nov 21, 2018

Energy storage firm RedT has turned on its 1MWh flow-lithium hybrid battery at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. The firm hopes to deliver a multi-megawatt version in the UK in 2019.

CEO Scott McGregor outlined plans for “at least one” UK multi-megawatt flow-lithium hybrid battery at the Energyst Event earlier this year.

Announcing the Monash go-live, he said that “absolutely” remains his intention.

“We see a big market in Australia and the UK for hybrid lithium-flow at grid scale to service volatile energy markets,” said McGregor, adding that the company is weighing up “a number of major projects” in the UK.

The firm’s biggest UK deals to date are with Centrica for 1MWh of flow storage co-located with solar PV as part of a local energy market trial in Cornwall, and for four of its flow machines capable of delivering 300kWh with Anglian Water. The company is also trying to find backing for some big deals in Germany.

The Monash project is its first commercial hybrid system. It combines 12 vanadium flow units able to output 900kWh and a 120kW lithium-ion battery.

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