FeNb price difference reaches 100000 rmb/ton

Date: Oct 26, 2018

www.ferroalloynet.com: As steel mills increase the purchase quantity of ferroniobium in response to high vanadium prices, ferroniobium market offers are higher and higher, with the latest offer of up to 365,000 rmb/ton by cash and tax included. According to market sources, the current spot transaction price of a small amount of bulk goods market is around 33,000-340,000 rmb/ton, the orders received by traders from steel mills are basically around 340,000 rmb/ton, and the source of goods that the traders find can be reduced to about 320,000-3330,000 rmb/ton. Citic still give no offers, CMOC imports of more than 3000 tons are expected to arrive at port at 29th of this month and their agents’ selling prices should not exceed 240000 rmb/ton, the price difference between bulk and import markets is as high as 100000 rmb/ton, The goods from CMOC have been sent out now.

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