Strength of environmental inspection weakens

Date: Oct 24, 2018 Since environmental protection inspectorate to hold a new round of “look back”  in mid October in Liaoning and Sichuan Provinces, ferrovanadium enterprises in Jinzhou and Chaoyang and ammonium metavanadate enterprises in Guanghan, Deyang and Panzhihua are greatly influenced by environmental protection, but compared to last year, the environmental protection supervision strength is reduced. FerroAlloyNet only learned that two enterprises in Liaoning area, Beipiaowanhong and Jinzhou Hongding, shut down completely, and several others only suffered the production limitation. There is no enterprise required to suspend production yet in Sichuan Province, according to market sources. The environmental protection inspection period is about 40 days, and the impact of the environmental protection on the manufacturers is expected to last until the end of November. Now ferrovanadium is quoted in a range of 500000-520000 rmb/ton, and the price and output of ferrovanadium are less affected by environmental factors, and more affected by the price soaring of V2O5 due to the tight supply.

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