King River Copper continues to generate high-grade vanadium at Speewah

Date: Oct 16, 2018

King River Copper ASX KRC Speewah vanadium pentoxide titanium iron high purity alumina

King River Copper is looking to produce high-grade vanadium products from Speewah for the growing steel and vanadium redox flow battery sectors.

Ongoing metallurgical test work at King River Copper’s (ASX: KRC) Speewah vanadium-titanium-iron project has generated high-grade vanadium pentoxide above 98%, with the company continuing to refine its processes to identify the optimum and most commercially viable production method.

Today’s news comes ahead of the vanadium scoping study which is due to be released this month.

King River Copper is targeting production of a 99.5% pure vanadium pentoxide powder and a standard 98% vanadium pentoxide flake product.

The company is also evaluating creating high-grade 99% titanium dioxide materials including pigment, as well as iron oxide hematite and vanadium electrolyte for use in the emerging vanadium redox flow battery sector.

“The evaluation of the best processing path to be taking to develop and/or market the Speewah deposits relies on the detailed process routes and studies currently being undertaken,” King River Copper’s board stated.

“Development planning may include the option to export portions of concentrate production,” the board added.

A bottle roll sulphuric acid leach test was undertaken on a 252.1g sample of magnetite concentrate produced from Speewah diamond core material.

The concentrate sample assayed at 1.7% vanadium pentoxide, 15.37% titanium dioxide and 60.04% iron.

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