Vanadium Miners News For The Month Of September 2018

Date: Sep 28, 2018


Vanadium spot prices rise and break the US$20 level.

Vanadium market news: Vanadium could have its “Elon Musk moment” as it advances towards powering 25 per cent of stationary battery storage by 2028.

Vanadium company news: The vanadium producers are making excellent profits and paying down debt.

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Welcome to Vanadium miners news. September saw vanadium spot prices rise and break the US$20 level. Vanadium prices have now risen almost 4 fold in the past 2 years.

Vanadium uses

Vanadium is traditionally used to harden steel. However Vanadium Flow Batteries (VRFBs) are becoming increasingly popular especially for commercial energy storage, most notably in China.

Vanadium oxide spot price history

China Vanadium Pentoxide [V2O5] Flake 98{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} Price – USD 20.80/lb


Vanadium demand versus supply

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