V-KOR stack technology for the land of the morning calm

Date: Sep 21, 2018

AN ENERGY storage system developed in Western Australia that improves battery performance and reduces manufacturing costs has been handpicked for a South Korean project that is working on an industry-standard for vanadium battery solutions across the Republic.

V-KOR stack technology for the land of the morning calm

The V-KOR stack technology

The V-KOR stack technology, developed by Perth-based vanadium battery technology developer Protean Energy, is an energy storage system that stacks a series of repeating cell frames to form a number of cells within the overall battery stack.

This process boosts battery performance and slashes manufacturing costs, compared to conventional vanadium redox flow battery technology.

The technology is heading to South Korea courtesy of a $3 million grant to Protean’s local subsidiary Korid Energy, from the Korean Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning.

KETEP is working on a nationally significant project with a number of leading energy industry stakeholders to develop a standard for the vanadium battery industry.

The $9.7 million project will i…

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