December vanadium products operating rate and output overview

Date: Jan 04, 2018 December vanadium market is seen tight in supply, especially vanadium pentoxide flake. Some ferrovanadium and vanadium-nitrogen producers remain operation back-to-back and reduce production slight due to low availability to raw materials. Both the operating rate and the output stand at lows.

Product Output in Dec.(ton) Compared to Nov.(ton) Operating rate in Dec. Compared to Nov.
Ammonium metavanadate 920 ↑310 32.5% ↑10%
Vanadium pentoxide (powder) 230 ↑25 18.9%
Vanadium pentoxide (flake) 6180 ↓451 47.0%
Vanadium-nitrogen 2460 ↓220 52.0%
Ferrovanadium 50# 2755 ↓397 32.0%


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