BHP chief says mining must rise to challenge of environmental change

Date: Dec 6, 2017
BHP chief executive Andrew Mackenzie delivered a speech at the Melbourne Mining Club’s 100th Luncheon yesterday, touching on topics as diverse as the unpredictable future of mining and China’s Belt and Road initiative, to public erosion in government trust.

The Scottish executive said that in order to foster an innovative culture, the industry would do well to combine the strengths of east and west, praising the former’s dynamism and longer-term thinking and the latter’s penchant for diversity and debate, in a concession to increasing globalisation and an ascendant China.

“The security and prosperity of economies, communities and countries demands that east and west work together freely and innovatively, with respect for all who contribute to shared progress,” he explained. “We have to mesh the best of our cultures together to drive globalisation forward.

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