LME WEEK 2017: Overheard in the minors, ores and ferro-alloys markets

Date: Nov 07, 2017

LME Week is not just about the base metals – market participants from across the minor metals, ores and ferro-alloys space found room in their conference-heavy diaries to gather in London to discuss a year of multi-year price highs, and the outlook for the year ahead.

On optimism surrounding LME Week “For the first time in two years people are actually making money. But although the sentiment is better than it has been for few years the golden age of commodities is long gone” – a minor metals producer “In general, the mood was good from producers to consumers. But traders are the ones who are suffering as market dynamics are changing and it is getting more difficult for them to justify what they’re doing” – an anxious minor metals trader “General chatter during LME Week slanted bullishly in favor of risk-on sentiment; the free flow of booze only helps everyone to talk up about how bullish they are on the global economy” – a metals analyst Market participants have been generally bullish over the past few months, in contrast to the run up to the LME Week last year. Globally, the macroeconomic picture has been…

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