VN Continue To Stalemate, And Ferrovanadium Prices Begin To Loosen The stalemate atmosphere in the vanadium and nitrogen market is strong. Under cost pressure, most vanadium and nitrogen manufacturers are still reluctant to ship at low prices; however, due to downstream price reduction efforts, it is difficult to make transactions at high prices, some manufacturers have suspended quotations, and mainstream transactions are temporarily maintained at 175,000-178,000 CNY/Ton (by acceptance). Yesterday, Kunming Iron & Steel’s bidding prices fell, the vanadium and nitrogen market was chaotic, and the overall trading sentiment became more cautious. Under weak demand, the vanadium-nitrogen alloy market remained under pressure in September.

The recent transactions of ferrovanadium have remained light. Although some manufacturers’ quotations are firm, the supply prices of trading companies are generally low. The high prices of ferrovanadium are difficult for downstream users to accept. The mainstream transactions have slightly loosened to 132,000-134,000 CNY/Ton (by acceptance).
Major manufacturers finalized vanadium-nitrogen alloys price at 185,000 CNY/Ton for acceptance this week, and ferrovanadium50 is 138,000 CNY/Ton for acceptance; the quotation of V2O5 flake manufacturers remains unchanged in September; the outlook for vanadium alloys is temporarily unclear. Continue to wait and see the trend of steel recruitment in September .