VanadiumCorp Resource Inc. Phase II Production Trials Completed

Date: Dec 20, 2017
VanadiumCorp Resource Inc. (TSX-V: “VRB”) (the “Company”) is pleased to announce the completion of Phase II production trials at Electrochem Technologies & Materials Inc. (“Electrochem”) facilities located in Boucherville, Quebec. Phase II yielded positive results that demonstrated the great potential for VanadiumCorp-Electrochem chemical technology. Phase II resulted in successful processing of a variety of global feedstocks ranging from magnetite, slags and calcine that related industries cannot process efficiently or avoid the significant release of greenhouse gases.

VanadiumCorp Resource Inc. (CNW Group/VanadiumCorp Resource Inc.)

Phase II results include:

Efficient processing of a plethora of feedstocks with 95% of the material being recovered in the case of magnetite

Recovery of vanadium as vanadyl sulfate used a precursor for the preparation of vanadium electrolyte (VE)

Demonstration of the full potential of the VanadiumCorp-Electrochem chemical technology for primary production and monetization of waste materials

Detailed mass and energy balances allowing the calculations of specific energy consumptions for the overall chemical and electrochemical integrated processes

Titania and silica were recovered as value added byproducts with good marketable values

Excellent reproducibility with similar yields and recoveries of vanadium, iron, titania and silica products from magnetite from various geographical origins

Technical and cost-effective confirmation of Electrochem’s patented technology (Canadian Patent 2,717,887 C) for electrowinning pure electrolytic iron from the ferrous sulfate heptahydrate (copperas) produced

Confirmed industrial potential for the fully integrated CO2 free iron making process for replacing the blast furnace in the iron and steel making industries in global jurisdictions having access to affordable electricity

Trial production reactor and equipment are located at Electrochem facilities in Boucherville
The following products were recovered:

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