Vanadium weekly review (October 23-27, 2017): Vanadium prices are anticipated to go up next week

Date: Oct 30, 2017 This week vanadium prices generally fall slightly compared to last week. Before this Wednesday, the prices were in decline but on Friday the market prices start to go up. The manufacturers decline to sell at low price and raise offers. Some trades are made reportedly at higher level.

Steel mills’ bidding prices

Company Product Spec. Price(RMB/TON) QTY(TON) Basis
Anhui Changjiang Vanadium-nitrogen VN16 157500 30 Acceptance, tax inclusive

China vanadium market review

China ammonium metavanadate market

Ammonium metavanadate market prices are at lows. The transaction prices go up on Friday and some buyers accept the higher prices. The operating rate and the output are at lows and most manufacturers are unwilling to give offers but remain wait-and-see.

China vanadium pentoxide marekt

After Jianlong sold the materials at low price, V205 flake market has been sluggish. Tranvic and Hongjing still don’t want to sell while the demand of buyers becomes stronger, so the prices show signs of increase. Vanadium pentoxide powder is seen small quantity of transactions due to the weak demand from downstream market.

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