Vanadium Price Is Stable And Rising This Week The quotation of raw material V2O5 flakes in bulk market is high. At present, the actual transaction price is about 101000 yuan / ton by cash. Recently, the demand for ferrovanadium and vanadium nitrogen alloy purchased by the steel mills has been reduced. The spot price of some vanadium nitrogen alloy is slightly lower than the steel bidding price, with the quotation of 156000 yuan / ton by cash. However, there are not many actual purchase orders in the market, and the start-up and demand of the ferrovanadium market are low, and the market transaction is not active enough. At present, the market price is 107000-108000 yuan / ton by cash.

Compared with last week, this week’s steel mill procurement decreased, and the raw material price continued to rise. But recently, the steel bidding price in the terminal steel market has been running at a low level, and the stock of steel mills everywhere is unprecedented, so that the steel mills began to limit production and reduce production, and the subsequent demand for vanadium alloy procurement may be weakened, which is also the influencing factor of the possible fall of vanadium price in the future.