Vanadium-Nitrogen Alloy Profit Statistics From 2 To 6 August 2021 The bidding price of steel mill is worse than expected, and the price of vanadium products continued to fall this week. There are few market orders, and the vanadium-nitrogen plant is under pressure to lower the price to 190,000-192,000 CNY/Ton (by acceptance), which is nearly 3,000 CNY/Ton lower than last week.

Although retail V2O5 flake prices have also been lowered this week, the overall range is not large. Entering August, due to fewer orders and cost pressures, more and more vanadium and nitrogen manufacturers have stopped production; according to this website, nearly 10 vanadium and nitrogen plants have suspended production. (The reference price of V2O5 flake is mainly in the retail market, and the V2O5 flake price of mainstream manufacturers is not included in the calculation.)
Date VN Price Change VN Cost VN Profit Unit
2-Aug 191,000 193,900 ↓2900 CNY/Ton
3-Aug 190,500 ↓500 193,900 ↓3400 CNY/Ton
4-Aug 189,500 ↓1,000 192,400 ↓2900 CNY/Ton
5-Aug 188,500 ↓1,000 192,400 ↓3900 CNY/Ton
6-Aug 188,000 ↓500 191,100 ↓3100 CNY/Ton
It can be seen from the figure that vanadium and nitrogen are slightly upside down this week, and the cost is relatively high. The above prices are all cash inclusive of tax. Because the labor and transportation costs of various companies are not the same, the profit calculation is for reference only. (The data in this article are only theoretical values, and the actual situation should be based on real transactions)