Vanadium-Nitrogen Alloy Is Dropping Again, And Ferrovanadium Remains Weak And Stable The vanadium-nitrogen alloy transaction is under pressure again to drop by 2,000-3,000 CNY/T, and the market’s mainstream transactions are at 175,000–178,000 CNY/T by acceptance. The procurement bidding of steel mills continued to lower prices. In the case of weak demand, the quotations of vanadium-nitrogen alloy manufacturers were forced to lower; the trade-side supply quotations were low, and the cost was still upside down, so the production and operation pressure of vanadium-nitrogen alloy manufacturers was still heavy.

The transaction of ferrovanadium remained weak and stable, and the mainstream transaction was still at 133,000-135,000 CNY/T by acceptance. Some manufacturers reported that due to the recent low demand for steel and the high prices of raw materials such as V2O5 flake, the profit margin has been severely reduced, and they are not willing to ship at low prices for the time being. The quotations of most ferrovanadium manufacturers remained strong, but the downstream willingness to purchase at high prices was low, and the supply and demand sides of ferrovanadium continued to stand in a stalemate.