Vanadium And Nitrogen Market Rebound Slightly This week, vanadium-nitrogen alloy fell firstly and then rose, but it still fell by nearly 8,000 CNY/Ton compared with the same period last week. At the beginning of the week, the steel mills continued to push down the price of vanadium and nitrogen. After the bidding price of V2O5 flake stabilized for September in mid-week, under the pressure of high cost, the quotations of vanadium-nitrogen alloy manufacturers resumed be firm, and the low-price supply in the market is difficult to find. The mainstream transaction was slightly increased to 175,000-178,000  CNY/Ton (by acceptance).

A new round of bidding for medium and large steel mills has continued. Some trading companies are temporarily unwilling to take over the high prices, and are still waiting for the progress of steel bidding, actual transactions are still low. The supply and demand sides are temporarily in a stalemate, and the vanadium market has a strong wait-and-see atmosphere.