Vanadium Alloy Steel Bidding Becomes Weak With Decreasing End Inquiry Of Raw Materials The final price of VN alloy in Anhui Yangtze River bidding yesterday fell below 150000 yuan / ton by acceptance, and the purchase of raw materials by VN alloy manufacturers was significantly weakened. At present, the price of VN alloy in bulk market is 95000-95500 yuan / ton, but the VN alloy manufacturers began to force the price down. The price of VN alloy in the bidding of manufacturers is about 94000-94500 yuan / ton. Up to now, the steel bidding price of VN alloy in Laigang and ZENITH has not been decided. As a result, some of the plants to be tendered are on the wait-and-see stage. The current offer of FEV is RMB 100000-102000 / ton by cash, and there is a slight deal at the low price of RMB 100000 / ton. some of the purchasers offer RMB 98000-99000 / T by cash, which is not easy to purchase. The cost of V2O5 flake continues to support the gold price, but the alloy end manufacturers are still under increasing pressure.

Up to now, ammonium metavanadate and V2O5 powder enterprises have begun to resume their work, with a small amount of transactions in the market. The transaction price of chemical grade  ammonium metavanadate 98% is between 95000-98000 yuan / ton. Ammonium polyvanadate is generally used in the metallurgical direction. Currently, the price is only about 91000-92000 yuan / ton due to the influence of V2O5 flakes. It is expected that the raw material end of the future market will be weak and consolidated, and there will be no large downward space in the short term.