Vanadium Alloy is Still Under Sales Pressure and Upstream and Downstream Plants May Cut Their Output In May, the steel bidding is cold, neither price nor quantity can boost the vanadium market. According to incomplete statistics, at the end of April, ferrovanadium and vanadium-nitrogen alloy factories all have a spot inventory of about 400-500 tons. At the beginning of this month, the steel bidding is scattered, vanadium alloy factory is pessimistic about the future, so steel bidding price has a downward trend. At present, the lowest offer of ferrovanadium factories is CNY 160,000/t or so and is still difficult to sell goods, and vanadium-nitrogen alloy retailing market refers to the lowest steel bidding price of CNY 220,000/t, making a few transactions.

In terms of large vanadium factories, both Desheng and Jianlong have maintenance plans this month, which will affect the output of some vanadium pentoxide flake. The current offer is difficult to sell to the alloy factory, and the three large factories all have said that they can produce and sell vanadium-nitrogen alloy by themselves. And the enterprises of extracting vanadium from stone coal, such as New Hongda Group and other three enterprises, having stopped their production. The downstream ferrovanadium factories have no plan for suspending or increasing production at present. The vanadium-nitrogen alloy factories, which stopped production last month, still hasn’t started production this month, and some production factories have stopped production, so the production of both the upstream and downstream of the vanadium market may be reduced this month.

Currently, under the circumstances of difficulties for spot consumption, the vanadium market price still has space to decline, and it is expected to stop falling only when the spot consumption for a period of time. And some enterprises look forward to the price rise in spot and are unwilling to sell, which is also easy to inhibit vanadium market when the supply of market goods increa