Trump Pledges To Block US Steel Sale

Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday said he would block U.S. Steel’s planned sale to a Japanese company, the first time the GOP presidential candidate has weighed in on the controversial acquisition announced late last year.
“I would block it instantaneously. Absolutely,” Trump said after a meeting with the president of the Teamsters labor union, which represents workers in the transportation industry. “We saved the steel industry. Now, U.S. Steel is being bought by Japan. So terrible.”
The brief remarks are Trump’s first comments on Nippon Steel’s $15 billion deal to purchase the iconic American company. His 2024 presidential campaign declined requests to comment on the sale when it was first announced in December, despite his aggressive protectionist policies aimed at the steel industry and other manufacturing sectors when he was president. But Trump made clear Wednesday that, if re-elected, he intends to take even more extreme measures to limit trade as he attempted to appeal to the Teamsters’ 1.3 million members.

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