The Supply Of V2O5 Flake Is Tight, And The Quotation Of Vanadium-Nitrogen Alloy Is Firm Retail V2O5 flake prices are stable and strong, and the quotations of holders continue to rise slightly, with 110,000-112,000 CNY/T by cash, and prices below 110,000 CNY/T by cash are temporarily unwilling to ship. The supply of V2O5 flake is difficult to find and the price is rising. The quotations of¬†vanadium-nitrogen alloy manufacturers are becoming stronger. Today’s price is still concentrated at 168,000-170,000 CNY/T by cash. Some manufacturers are temporarily not shipping less than 170,000 CNY/T by cash, and their reluctance to sell is slightly increased. Part of the downstream inquiries are still around 166,000-167,000 CNY/T by cash, and they are still hesitant to purchase at high prices, but manufacturers are reluctant to ship at low prices under cost pressure.

The high-price transactions of vanadium-nitrogen alloys still need to be followed up, but in the case of tight raw material supply and rising costs, it is expected that vanadium-nitrogen alloys will maintain a firm operation in the short term. It is necessary to continue to pay attention to the bidding prices of the steel mills in the middle of the day.