The Price Of V2O5 Flake Is Difficult To Decline In A Short Time For The Increasing Purchase And Inquiry According to the recent market inquiry performance, vanadium alloy manufacturers increased their inquiry for V2O5 flake in bulk market yesterday. Since the price of V2O5 flake is relatively low compared with that of large manufacturers, the transaction has been completed one after another. According to ferroalloynet, Tranvic still has V2O5 flake inventory at present. The quotation of large manufacturers has formed a greater pressure on downstream manufacturers in the late middle of this year, resulting in alloy factories turning to purchase cheaper bulk goods. Steel mills are concentrating to purchase in the near future, and some alloy manufacturers with long-term orders need to prepare raw material inventory, so there is the market performance of increasing vanadium inquiry. In terms of price, the manufacturers generally intend to purchase at 92000-92500 yuan / ton, but it is not easy to clinch a deal at present. The spot price of bulk goods and small factories is about 93000 yuan / ton.

Due to the serious deadlock of vanadium alloy at present, the follow-up trend is mainly difficult to maintain stability. At present, the domestic virus epidemic situation is well controlled. In March, the domestic construction site is gradually back to work, and the steel consumption is slowly increasing. It is expected that the steel procurement volume in April will increase compared with that in March. After this round of centralized procurement, the alloy spot inventory may be released well, and the possibility of sharp price drop will be reduced.