The Positive Development of Vanadium Industry–China FerroAlloyNet 8th International Vanadium Product Summit in 2019

Date: Mar 20, 2019 On March 6-8, 2019, the 8th vanadium summit hosted by China ferroalloynet in Chengde, hebei province was a great success. The summit joined hands with local famous vanadium enterprises such as HBIS Group Chengde Vanadium and Titanium New Material Co., Ltd., Chengde Tianda Vanadium Industry Co., Ltd.,Chengde Jinke Technology Co., Ltd. Moreover, we are strongly sponsored by Chongyang Jiufu Technology Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Shuangrong New Material Co., Ltd. What’s more, this summit gets support from HBIS Group Chengde Vanadium and Titanium New Material Co.,Ltd, Chengde Tianda Vanadium Industry Co., Ltd.,Chengde Jinke Technology Co., Ltd., The People’s Government of Chengde, Chongyang Jiufu Technology Co., Ltd., Sichuan Shuangrong New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Panzhihua Steel Research Institute, Northeastern University, Metallurgical Industry Development Research Center, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, TTP Squard Compenion, Roskill Information Services, Russia Ifras Group. 

Chengde is an important vanadium and titanium resource base in China, national vanadium and titanium resource comprehensive utilization industrial base and national vanadium and titanium new material high-tech industrialization base. The theme of this summit is “Common Witness the famous Vanadium Enterprise Style, Together Focus on the Glory of Chengde Vanadium”, to organize the guests into the vanadium city, close to the vanadium enterprises and communicating in Chengde. More than 400 people from the vanadium industry gathered in Chengde, covering domestic and foreign vanadium product manufacturers, traders, steel mills, warehousing and logistics, raw material suppliers, equipment, research institutions, government agencies, industry associations and so on. Such a large-scale vanadium industry event, in addition to the appeal of China ferroalloynet, and the influence of HBIS Group Chengde Vanadium , as well as known as the “northern vanadium” Chengde own attraction. The whole year’s work depends on a good start in spring, the upstream and downstream of vanadium industry are paying close attention to this grand meeting of vanadium industry.

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