The Difficulty for Price Support of Vanadium-Nitrogen Alloy and The Trading is Deadlocked After the heat of centralized steel bidding, the transaction of vanadium-nitrogen alloy has gradually decreased. At the same time, the price has not yet reached the accounting cost of CNY 170,000/t by large factories of vanadium pentoxide flake. Some vanadium-nitrogen factories shut down and choose to take a wait-and-see stance, while major factories are unwilling to sell at current low prices. However, due to the weak demand after the steel bidding, steel mills are difficult to accept the quick rebound prices, what’s more, international market is once again in a negative trend, so it’s hard to support the price.

At present, traders are still inquiring about some orders which are in cooperation with steel mills. The acceptance price is about CNY 250,000/t and about CNY 245,000/t for cash price. However, vanadium-nitrogen plants adhere to profit margins, and this price is still difficult for them to supply. The factories’ offer is at least about CNY 255,000/t, and there are a few steel mills bidding in the future. The market will further wait and see the result of price support of vanadium-nitrogen alloy.