The Decline Of Vanadium Products Continues, And The Transaction Is Sluggish This week, the vanadium product market transaction continued be sluggish, and the decline of vanadium alloys was the most obvious in the weakening of steel bidding. Vanadium-nitrogen alloys fell by about 6,500 CNY/Ton in total this week, and the current mainstream transaction is 183,000-186,000 CNY/Ton by acceptance; in the case of scarce downstream orders, it is understood that the price of a small amount of trade sources is low, and the quotation is 181,000-182,000 CNY/Ton by acceptance, most manufacturers are temporarily reluctant to ship products at low prices due to cost pressures. There are few steel bidding for ferrovanadium, and market transactions are dominated by small orders for rigid demand. Some manufacturers have reported that no new orders have been signed for a long time, and they may plan to reduce or suspend production in the later period. The transaction of ferrovanadium was under pressure, and the mainstream price was 136,000-138,000 CNY/Ton by acceptance.

Deals in alloy plants are weak, enthusiasm for production declines, and willingness to purchase raw materials is low. The V2O5 flake retail market frequently sees low prices, and mainstream transactions have fallen again to 124,000-125,000 CNY/Ton with cash. This week, a total of 3,000 CNY/Ton will be lowered; because the executive price of large manufacturers is still 130,000 CNY/Ton with cash, part of the traders’ quotation is still 126,000 CNY/Ton with cash. Metallurgical V2O5 powder98 was lowered to 124,000-125,000 CNY/Ton with cash along with the V2O5 flake market; chemical V2O5 powder98 was not much low-priced, and the transaction was around 128,000-130,000 CNY/Ton with cash. The transaction volume of ammonium metavanadate was small, and the quotations of some manufacturers were slightly lowered, the mainstream transactions were 117,000-119,000 CNY/Ton with cash; due to the large increase in the price of production accessories, there were not many low-priced sources in ammonium metavanadate market.