The Comprehensive Technical Improvement Of Desheng Vanadium And Titanium 1250M³ Blast Furnace Has Entered The Final Stage Of Tackling

Hot blast stove ignition oven ceremony site
At 15:28 on September 21, Desheng Vanadium and Titanium’s new 1250m³ blast furnace technical renovation project successfully ignited the hot blast furnace system. Zhou Ping, secretary of the company’s party committee and chairman, Gao Huabin, deputy secretary of the company’s party committee and general manager, deputy general managers Mai Jichang, Xu Yu, the ironmaking project department and MCC CCID and other participating construction units witnessed this historical moment.
Zhou Ping issued the ignition order
At the ignition ceremony, Zhou Ping issued the “Ignition” command, and later received the report of the successful ignition, and there were warm applause and cheers at the scene.
Zhou Ping presided over the on-site meeting
After the ceremony, Zhou Ping held a meeting at the technical transformation site of the newly built 1250m³ blast furnace. He expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the participating units, and said that “high-end and green” is the main theme of Desheng Vanadium and Titanium’s “14th Five-Year Plan” development. 4# the blast furnace construction is a major strategic project of the company’s industrial multiplication project. It aims to build a low-carbon and efficient green factory in an all-round way through process, equipment, and environmental protection upgrades. He hopes that MCC CCID will continue the high standards and strict requirements when building the 3# blast furnace, and make the new blast furnace a high-quality project and a model project. Wu Wenbin, deputy chief engineer of MCC CCID, said that the two parties have established a deep friendship during the construction of the 3# blast furnace. As a benchmark enterprise in the steel industry, CCID will definitely serve the construction of the new blast furnace with superb technology and a rigorous attitude, contributing to the rapid development of Desheng Vanadium and Titanium during the “14th Five-Year Plan”.
Since the civil construction of the hot blast stove system began in November last year, with the joint efforts of all participating construction units, difficulties such as epidemics, high temperatures, and power cuts have been overcome, and the hot blast stove system has maintained safety and quality. The successful ignition of the furnace marks a new construction of the blast furnace has entered the final stage. It is reported that the hot blast stove has officially entered the 40-day oven period, making sufficient preparations for the blast furnace ignition and opening on November 15.
After the ignition ceremony, the reporter also interviewed the person in charge of the project department and the main participating units.
Chen Jike, director of the ironmaking project department, said that the steel structure of the blast furnace body has been basically completed, and the refractory materials have been built to the 8th floor. The project department will continue to maintain the spirit of facing difficulties with the general contractor and all participating construction units, with firm confidence, high fighting spirit, and full enthusiasm to forge ahead to “11.15”, and work hard for the blast furnace to be put into production on time.
Tian Shuai, the project manager of the MCC CCID project department, said that the hot blast furnace has entered the oven stage, and has completed a major project node of blast furnace construction. It has entered the final stage of construction. Next, MCC CCID will work with the ironmaking project department and various departments to organize all participating construction units to go all out to strengthen project management, ensure safety, quality, and progress, and ensure that the construction of each main process of the blast furnace project is carried out in accordance with the nodes, to ensure that the blast furnace project “11.15” put into production on time.