The big stock pressure of vanadium nitrogen and steel bidding price is not ideal

Date: Mar 27, 2019 According to the incomplete statistics of vanadium and nitrogen stock from ferroalloynet, the stock of vanadium and nitrogen factories is estimated to be 700-800 tons at present, and the stock is as low as 30-50 tons and as high as over 100 tons. Current vanadium nitrogen transaction acceptance price is CNY 290,000-300,000/t, while the raw material acceptance price of vananium nitrogen products is CNY 220,000/t. Vanadium factories are completely at a loss, but subject to stock pressure, factories have to sell at low prices as well as stock consumption. Terminal steel demand is weak, rebar prices have fallen, steel mills have not keep up with the volume of purchasing, certainly, it’s normal for steel mills to purchase at a low price.

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