The Bidding Price Of VN Alloy Is Weak On Monday, the purchase price of VN alloy of JISCO was 1473-148000 Yuan/ton by acceptance with tax, the total purchase amount was 120 tons, and the payment method was half a year or one year’s acceptance bill.
According to the steel bidding price of last week, the purchase price of VN alloy fluctuated from 144,000Yuan/ton to 146,000Yuan/ton, and the price rise was a little weak. This week, the inquiry of VN alloy in bulk market is gradually active, but in the face of the quoted cash tax price of 145000 Yuan / ton by manufacturers, some traders are still reluctant to purchase under pressure, and continue to wait and see the steel bidding price. At present, the vanadium market as a whole is relatively stagnant. Some VN manufacturers haven’t delivered goods in recent month, with a high quoted price and a firm attitude, but they can’t make a deal. Some other manufacturers adjust their prices according to the market, produce based on the orders, no any extra spot goods, and also no quoted price for future goods.

In December, three large-scale V2O5 flake plants are not expected to adjust their prices, and they continue to keep the price of 100,000Yuan/ton by acceptance. Due to the active inquiry in the bulk market in the past two days, the price has a slight upward trend. At present, it is slightly difficult to purchase V2O5 flake with the price of 95,000 Yuan/ton by cash.
Generally speaking, the bidding price of VN alloy from Kungang and Laigang is expected to be 146,000-148,000 Yuan/ton by acceptance. The decline is temporarily postponed but the rise is weak. Vanadium enterprises are under pressure to supply goods.