Tesla Model 3 Loses Its Mid-Range Battery Option

Date: Mar 20, 2019

If David Bowie were alive and doing Tesla commercials—and Tesla actually aired commercials—he might be crooning about the ch-ch-ch-changes made to the Model 3 lineup this past weekend: The Mid-Range battery pack option for the Model 3 is gone. The long-awaited Standard, Standard Plus, and Long Range are now the only battery options available on the site’s vehicle configurator for North American customers. The Dual-motor Long Range and Performance models are also still available.

That’s two more choices than the new Model Y (above) introduced last week has to offer at this point; it’s currently available to order in rear-drive Long Range (300 miles of range), dual-motor all-wheel-drive Long Range (280 miles), and all-wheel-drive Performance (280 miles) trims. The Standard Range Model Y arrives in spring of 2021 with an estimated 230-mile range for $40,200.

The Standard Model 3 sells for $36,200 and offers 220 miles of range; you can get 240 miles of estimated range by upgrading to the Standard Range Plus for an additional $2,000. The $44,200 Long-Range Model 3 is now being touted as able to travel up to 325 miles on a single charge, as well, thanks to a software update.

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