Taiwan Yiding to start mass production of ammonium metavanadate

Date: Dec 21, 2018

BEIJING (Asian Metal) 21 Dec 18 – Taiwan Yiding Environmental Protection S&T Co., Ltd. plans to produce ammonium metavanadate 98%min on a large scale after the Spring Festival, a source revealed. As a new comer in the vanadium industry, the company has an annual design capacity of 5,000t for ammonium metavanadate.

“Our new ammonium metavanadate production line will be put into operation after the Spring Festival, and the production equipment has been installed and is now in trial operation,” said a source from the company. He added that they can use a variety of vanadium containing materials as their raw materials, and they mainly use vanadium ore. After the production line is put into operation officially, the company will mainly sell their products on the domestic market. In the later stage, they will cooperate closely with relevant domestic companies in product distribution.

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